Steven Denbow Photo by Courtesy

INTERVIEWED: Steven Denbow, the owner of 360 Detailing.

LISTENING: Dance music because it gives motivation. It has a high energy and doesn’t offend anyone.

I just go to our Pandora for dance… it goes well with the vehicle scene.

WATCHING: Everything action or involved with criminal justice. It can be Netflix, Apple TV, Paramount, HULU. And I go to the trailers for ideas.

READING: Just my customers’ messages!

SOMETHING PEOPLE MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU OR YOUR CAREER: This car business is my life. I’m such a car guy. What I do there at the shop is the same as in my personal life.

I love cars — the shapes and models.  I’m also a family man and an animal lover. Although I don’t have any animals of my own, I will feed anything from the turkeys to the squirrels.

WHAT YOU ENJOY ABOUT MARBLEHEAD: What’s not to like about Marblehead?!

Love how the community takes care and looks out for each other. I’ve experienced it in many forms — the safe haven and pride. It all shows.

Weekly Recommendations is a column created by Frances Roberts Hill, who selects one Marbleheader each week to interview for entertainment recommendations. Originally from Philadelphia, Frances has lived in Marblehead, where she met her husband and raised their son, for more than 40 years. She has a background in advertising and education, and has always loved to write.